Lex Seibel

Hair Stylist since 2015

I enjoy shags, Rock n' Roll hair, undone loose looks.  Wash and go realness!

My interests are: Heavy Metal, NPR, good food, tarot and astrology, and living my best life with friends.

My favorite hair products are the Reverie Mare salt spray and Rake Grooming Lotion.  Also, Badlands Organics Curl Creme and Hair Prep.

My favorite movies are: The Holy Mountain, anything by Jan Svankmajer or The Brothers Quay, and Mon Oncle

My favorite bands are: Black Sabbath, Thou, Dead Moon, Cinderella, The Kinks, Pentagram, Spooky Tooth, and Alice Coltrane.

My favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is to be a total Taurus and eat my way around the city.