Besides being part owner of Stag Hair Parlor and husband to Lauren - Bailey Chaidez, I enjoy playing drums in Heflin (our band) recording music , running, and taking the time to relax when I can.  

Since opening Stag Hair Parlor I have been committed to giving our team and myself the most comfortable, healthy, and positive working environment possible.  Nobody should have to dread coming to work and nobody should be forced to use products that are potentially harmful to their health and careers.  Trust me, most hair products are not good for you.  

In keeping with the format of our bios I have to say, my favorite bands are:

Supergrass, Jellyfish (seriously under rated), Shudder to Think,  and of course, The Smiths.  I’m a huge fan of 90’s Brit Pop, and I’m always on the hunt for something new.

I’m always doing what I can to support small business in and around Los Angeles.  So you’ll see us hanging out at a lot of our local watering holes and shopping at many of the family owned business around town.